Welcome to Voice of the Poet, Africa, founded on September 30, 2018, by three distinguished men of letters from the African clime. Our management team comprises  highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the area of poetry. We all have a common goal – helping you, reach your dreams and aspirations with the word!

This is an international platform that skyrockets budding poets in Africa; poets who are so determined to stay committed to the cause of a better society. Like the popular lines of the socio-political poet, ai Nkuru, “Every writer has a voice, not of his, but of the force which triggers his writing. That voice is important and must be heard”; Voice of the Poet, Africa is the platform where the world can get to know you well.

It has to its credit, an annually coveted prize for deserving writers. It can be yours by dint of hard work and tenacity. Once again, you are most welcome.

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Recent News

Voice of the Poet, Africa commences her maiden poetry anthology production. Interested persons who participated in the just concluded Akwa Ibom Poetry Festival are hereby requested to forward all their presented poems accompanied with a short biographical data of the poets to voiceofthepoetafrica@yahoo.com for onward inclusion and publication. This entry ends on December 31, 2018.




Akwa Ibom Poetry Festival now holds – November 30; see flyer, for more details.


Entries for THE VOICE 2018 maiden prize for African poetry  open from October 15  to November 15, 2018.

Tagged: “Rhythms of Peace”, the festival consists of two categories of persons: those called the ‘participants’ and others, the ‘contestants’. Interested participants are hereby directed to send their names, phone numbers and locations to the email: voiceofthepoetafrica@yahoo.com within the above stipulated time (participation is totally FREE of charge), while contestants for the prize are advised to submit one poem (of not more than 200 words) reflecting the topic above. The prize is worth $82.76 US Dollars. 

Contestants are expected to make an entry payment of  one thousand naira (N1,000) approximately $2.76 US Dollars.

Festival date will be communicated, soon.

For more information about the contest, please,  click here

For enquiries about participation, kindly call: +2348130521596.

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Contestants should click here to complete their registration


At a glance!


Be inspired by the story of Ahmed Ali. Making local arts more accessible.

When Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali arrived in Canada at the age of eight, he could speak two languages — but not English. The City of Edmonton’s poet laureate was born in Somalia and moved to Italy when he was four before coming to Canada. He kept speaking Somali at home, dropped Italian and began to learn English. “Learning English was challenging,” Ali told CBC’s Radio Active. “I got made fun of a lot — FOB, fresh-off-the-boat stuff.” Radio Active Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali on his first year as poet laureate, Edmonton’s seventh poet laureate Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali talks about his determination to make art more accessible for communities. “Whenever somebody made fun of me, I went further to excel. Success is the best form of revenge.” Ali’s English teacher introduced him to prominent poets of the past century, including Tupac Shakur, Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. It was there he found his love of poetry and the English language. “Shout out to Maya Angelou and Tupac who died that made my flow smooth, because it no longer matters that I used to be verbally constipated. These days I have regular vowel movements and I effortlessly pass class,” Ali said. Chosen as Edmonton’s seventh poet laureate last June, Ali has focused on making art more accessible for the communities he grew up in and around. “I’m trying to bring shows that are high-calibre but at the same time affordable for people in my communities,” he said. But he’s also hoping to make art created in certain communities more accessible to other communities. There is some impressive work in tight-knit groups, he said, and he wants to provide an avenue for those people to show off their work to the greater Edmonton community.


Alyesha Wise’s Poem, “To This Black Woman Body, Part I” Will Give You Life. Alyesha Wise is a poet, performer, and teaching artist originally from Camden, N.J. In this poem, that is both beautifully written and searingly honest, Ms. Wise speaks on what it means to inhabit a Black woman’s body today.

There are so many remarkable lines and truths spoken in this piece. Some of our favorite lines include: We are too often educated by fools / A fool will say, “Your skin does not make you a god” / Well, my belief in it certainly does / My Black is a boastful believer / My blackness is a silent Scripture

… the best way to teach a dark child how to love themselves / is to be the walking example of a dark woman who loves herself

If this here ain’t black and woman enough / then my black and woman enough body just don’t want you / then roll your eyes…

The poem explores many intersecting themes: self-love, body image, identity, and Black womanhood. This is not surprising, considering Wise’s work as a teaching artist and the founder of the community organization titled “Love, Us,” which focuses on fighting injustice through promoting love and empowerment.

You can find more information about Alyesha Wise at her website: www.mswisedecision.com.

If you’re in need of a little reminder that your Black is boldly beautiful, watch Alyesha Wise’s “To This Black Woman Body, Part I”. It’s on youtube.